2021 Update on The Halogen Light Bulb Ban

Halogen Light Bulb Ban 3 topThe use of halogen bulbs is coming to an end. September 2021 will be the last day. It’s important to note that the world is looking for an environmentally friendly way to light homes. This has prompted industry players to anonymously resolve to end the use of halogen bulbs. From here, fluorescent bulbs will be the next online. So, what about this ban? How will it affect your business? Are there halogen bulbs still being sold in the market? Here are key facts you should know regarding halogen bulbs.

It’s All About making The World Brighter And Cleaner

Of course, halogen bulbs were discovered at the right time. They played a huge role in the lighting industry. However, it’s time to think about the environment. Saving the world is one of the hottest topics out there. Remember, halogen bulbs result in more emissions. They consume a lot of energy. That’s why the lighting world is switching to LEDs. This will cut emissions and save on energy bills.

For instance, shifting to LEDs will cut more than 1.2 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide to the environment. This equals the removal of up to 500,000 cars from the roads of the United Kingdom. Thus, banning halogen bulbs is actually a good thing.

The Options

Despite the bad, you can still cont8inue purchasing certain halogen products. However, these products will eventually disappear from the market. They include:

  • G9 G4 G6.35
  • Exceptions include lighting fixtures with non-replaceable lamps. However, they should have technical justification


After several deliberations, the world come to a conclusion that halogen bulbs had to exit the lighting stage. Laws were enacted. After September 2021, it will be criminal to purchase, sell, or produce halogen bulbs. You are advised to replace halogen bulbs with LED fixtures. Still more, September 2023 will see all fluorescent bulbs exit the stage. This will make the environment even greener.

UK On Halogen Ban

Halogen Light Bulb Ban 2Presently, all the bulbs retailed in the United Kingdom are Light Emitting Diode based. This makes the UK a leading environment-conscious country. Consequently, UK buildings will be more energy efficient in the coming years. It’s important to note that LED bulbs last longer (5 times) than their halogen counterparts. Still more they save up to 80- percent of energy.

To fast-track the switch, concerned ministries are recommending the use of LED bulbs. They are highlighting the benefits of LED bulbs. This is mostly done through the rescale energy labels placed on the boxes. Still more, all LED fixtures come with an energy efficiency display scale. This scale starts with A and ends at G. Thus, you won’t see the traditional scale that relied on A+ to A+++ ratings. These ratings are making lighting fixtures more quality. Thus, consumers can choose fixtures that suit their explicit needs.

Government Statements

Halogen Light Bulb Ban 1The UK continues to be part of the green movement. It promises to be part of making the world green again. According to the UK energy minister, switching from halogen bulbs (that are inefficient) gives the country the perfect opportunity to embrace LED lighting. This will make all electrical appliances energy efficient. On the other hand, the environment minister was quick to point out that flicking the halogen bulbs will offer households the best way to save on energy.

The Bottom-Line

Halogen Light Bulb Ban LEDIt’s coming. The ban is quickly becoming a reality. The lighting industry will soon say no to halogen bulbs. So, what does this ban mean? How will it affect you? The above are key facts about the halogen ban you should know.

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