Installing Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs: Tips And Tricks For A Professional Look

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs 1Squirrel cage bulbs are adjustable, low-level, energy-efficient lighting fixtures that can be used in different applications. From homes to offices, squirrel cage bulbs are versatile and long-lasting. Installing these lifting fixtures isn’t that complicated. All it takes is a few steps. Follow the safety protocols. Use the right tools. The following are top tips and tricks for installing squirrel cage bulbs.


If you want to create that ambiance atmosphere in any commercial setting, switch to Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs. Long-lasting and durable, these bulbs don’t emit a lot of heat. This makes them cost-effective.  For optimal performance, install them right. The following are top tips and tricks for installing your Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs.

Turn The Power Off

Before beginning your installation, switch off the power. This will protect you from accidents such as electrocution. Remember, electricity can kill or injure you.

Carefully Remove The Old Bulb

Gently grasp the old bulb and remove it from the socket. Grasp the base and twist it in the counterclockwise direction. This is the surest way of removing any old bulb.

Preparing The New Bulb

Before installing the new bulb, check the wattage of your new bulb. Ensure that your Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs are compatible with the fixture. Avoid touching the Squirrel Cage LED Bulb’s filament. Touching it is likely to damage the filament or leave fingerprints on it, which will interfere with the overall quality of light emitted. You can clean the fixture’s surface with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to get rid of any dirt from its surface.

Inserting The New Bulb

Consider gently grasping the Squirrel Cage LED Bulb’s base. Ensure it is properly aligned with the socket. Then, turn it in the clockwise direction until it is firmly seated in the socket. Don’t over-tighten the bulb. It can dame it.

Tuning On Power

After installing the Squirrel Cage LED Bulb the right way, switch on the power. Test to see if it’s working.

Dimmer Adjustment

Having a dimmer gives you complete control over your lighting. You can use the dimmer to adjust the brightness to your optimal comfort level. Set the brightness to the preferred level.

Observe Safety Precautions

The installation process of a Squirrel Cage LED Bulb isn’t that complicated. It’s straightforward. However, you must observe safety precautions. For instance, switch of power before installing the bub. Also, purchase Squirrel Cage LED Bulb. If you don’t have the skills to handle electricity, consider hiring an expert. A professional electrician will install your bulb safely, minimizing the chances of electrical-related accidents. Plus, it will minimize the chances of damaging your bulb.

The Bottom-Line

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs 2

Squirrel cage lighting bulbs are good. They are versatile and can transform any space. However, it’s important to install them the right way for optimal results. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you don’t have the skills, call a professional. The above are top tips and tricks gore installing squirrel cage bulbs.

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