How Did 2D LED Bulbs Become the Best? Find Out Now

2D LED bulbs 1Suitable for commercial lighting projects, the 2D LED bulbs are quickly replacing fluorescent lamps. Available in different wattages, 2D LED bulbs are energy-saving and long-lasting, making them ideal for commercial projects. These bulbs are not only consistent but also reliable. So, why choose 2D LED bulbs? Do they offer any benefits? Keep reading to find out the amazing benefits of installing 2D LED bulbs.

Energy Saving

Available in 2Pin RG8 as well as 4 Pin GR10q, these bulbs are directional, helping you save up to 50 percent of electricity. This means that you won’t have to replace them from time to time. Also, you can install them in commercial settings because they can last for years to come.

Durable, Reliable, Environment Friendly

These bulbs are highly durable. They come with long life (i.e., up to 15,000 hours).  This makes them ideal for settings that don’t require low maintenance. These bulbs also come with high luminous efficacy that can reach 73lm/W, tri-phosphor coating, and exceptional color rendering.  The liquid mercury in 2D lamps (which employs amalgam) minimizes their impact on the environment.


These lights are directional, which explains why they are commonly used in commercial settings.


These bulbs are versatile, making them ideal for hospitals, retail stores, and schools. Still more, 2D LED bulbs are available in emergency versions, helping you complete your new or retrofit an existing lighting project. These lamps can be used as inspection lamps, magnifiers, as well as light fittings.

Instant Start

2D LED bulbs can start automatically. Thus, you don’t have to worry about flickering that’s common with fluorescent lighting solutions.


2D LED lights are dimmable. With an indicative load-based dimmer, you can dim your bulbs, giving you absolute control over your lighting. Also, dimming helps save a lot of energy. 2D lamps, commonly referred to as Double D Builds, come in two versions. They include:

  • GR8
  • GR 10q

Also, the circular bulbs come in two types. They include:

  • 4-Pin
  • 2-Pin

Different Shapes

2D LED bulbs to come in different shapes, giving you enough options to choose from. Shop online for a 2D LED bulb that suits your explicit needs. Also, these compact shapes in 2D lamps simplify the installation process.

Shop Today

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The Bottom-Line

LED technology has continued to help many businesses become energy efficient. Highly durable, 2D LED bulbs can help you save a lot of money. Available in a myriad of wattages, 2D LED bulbs can be used in commercial settings. The above are key ways 2D LED bulbs can benefit your lighting project.

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