LED Lighting, How It Can Change Your Home

LED Lighting 1Modern homes should have LED lighting. Besides adding that sophistication to your home, LED lighting can increase its curb value. Research done by Consumer Reports indicated that installing LED lighting can significantly increase your home’s overall value. Customers love innovatively lit homes. Thus, grab this opportunity and increase your home’s value. Here are the top ways of increasing your home’s curb value with LED lighting.

Long Lasting LED Lighting Fixtures

LED bulbs are long-lasting. They can last up to 10,000 hours. This means that you don’t have to change the bubs from time to time. This reduces the maintenance cost, helping you save money. This will automatically increase your home’s value. Remember, new homeowners, are looking for homes with energy-saving capabilities. Invest in LEDs and transform your home into a cozy space.

Energy Efficiency
LED lighting gives you an efficient way to illuminate any space. Research shows that LED bulbs offer an efficiency of between 80 and 90 percent. You only lose 10 to 20 percent of energy to heat. The rest is utilized as light. On the hand, incandescent bulbs lose up to 80 percent of their energy to heat.

Turning your home into an energy-efficient one will improve its curb appeal. Remember, modern homebuyers are aware of energy-efficient measures. They will only purchase homes with the right energy efficiency measures.

LED Lighting 2LED bulbs are eco-friendly. Unlike their conventional counterparts which contain a lot of harmful materials, LED bulbs don’t contain any toxic materials. Still more, these bulbs can be recycled. Modern homebuyers are aware of eco-friendly solutions. They want homes that don’t pollute the environment. Including these bulls in your lighting design will improve its overall value.

Harsh weather conditions can damage your bulbs. However LED bulbs are designed to withstand these conditions. Extreme weather, high temperatures, etc. cannot affect these lighting fixtures. Still more, LED bulbs are resistant to shock and vibrations. This makes them the best bet when it comes to lighting up your home or office.

Adjustable Features
Modern LED bulbs come with innovative features. This includes adjustable dimmers, color, etc. This gives you the ability to adjust your bulb’s brightness as well as mood. A simple dimmer can help you save a substantial amount of money in terms of energy bills.

Instant Lighting
Unlike conventional lighting solutions, you can turn on and off LED lighting (i.e. several times) without affecting their lifetime brightness. On the other hand, it takes some seconds for conventional bulbs to achieve optimal brightness. Invest in these lighting options and increase your home’s value today!

The Bottom-Line

LED Lighting 3LEDs are innovative and versatile. They can be customized to fit into any home. Plus, modern homebuyers prefer homes with innovative lighting. As a homeowner, it’s important to bring LED lighting into your home and increase its value. LED lighting will make your home look modern and luxurious. During resale, it will have more value. The above are the top ways of increasing your home’s value with LED lighting.

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