Grand Designs Live 2016


Saving-Light-Bulbs and our sister company Classical Chandeliers have spent the last 9 days exhibiting at the annual Grand Designs Live at ExCel in London. Grand Designs live is an exhibition of just over a week where different companies and businesses exhibit and show their innovative products to help give better ideas of what you could do in your own designs. Each year many people attend the exhibition, ranging from designers who have specific products or companies in mind, to punters who are just looking to get ideas. It was great to meet you all, hear your ideas and be able to give advice to enhance those ideas in any way we could.

Grand Designs covers a variety of different areas, from garden to technology, kitchens and interior design – pretty much anything you could ever want or need for your home is available at the exhibition – it covers all bases! Throughout the exhibition you are also able to listen to talks from experts in their field and even from Kevin McCloud himself (Channel 4 Grand Designs presenter). Hearing from their previous mistakes and situations, learning from them and getting advice for any future endeavours. Whether you are just starting your journey of home renovation, looking to get into or part way through, you will undoubtedly come away from Grand Designs live more knowledgeable and inspired than when you entered.

grand designs live

We shared a stand with our sister company Classical Chandeliers, so we had a variety of chandeliers we sell for viewing on the stand as well as our infamous lamp lady who we can always rely on to attract a lot of attention!

For Saving-Light-Bulbs, we had a number of our light bulb products available to be “tested”; customers could switch the light bulbs on and off, dim them if that option was available, change the colour of the RGB strip channel with the use of a remote and open a cupboard door to show off the IR sensor with the light turning on as the door is opened, amongst many other products.

filament bulbs collage

The bulbs that got the most attention were the traditional filament bulbs. These bulbs we have available in globe, squirrel cage and candle flame tip. The reason they are so popular is because of the vintage, traditional feel they give off – the way the filaments stand out really gives an eye catching effect. The candle flame tip was shown in a chandelier on the stand to demonstrate the extract effect they can add to an already exquisite chandelier. Unfortunately, at the time of the show we only had all of these available in bayonet fittings, however, we have good news! The globe, squirrel cage and flame tip are all going to be available in screw fitting as well! Keep looking out for them on the website! Alternatively, please get in touch if you are looking for these smaller or in different sizes etc.

screwless varilight

Varilight switches also proved popular, especially the screw less switch option and the fact that they are available in a large variety of different finishes ( On our website, we have a small selection of Varilight ( products, but if you look at the Varilight website, everything you can see there we can also get for you. Paul at Saving-Light-Bulbs is great with advice and giving any information you might need with regards the designs or technical side of Varilight, lighting your home or wiring it.

led strip channel

LED Strip Channels also had a lot of interest; strip channels can be used in any location and also have the option of being white in colour or RGB which means the colour can change. What you need to take into consideration when buying LED Strip channel is that the channel is available in different IP ratings – the IP ratings are what identifies how exposed the channel can be to water. Starting at IP20, this is the standard IP rating, going up to IP65 which can be fully submerged in water. After speaking to people about their ideas, many were looking to put LED strip channel in their kitchen or to line their stairs. Strip Channel is an option which can be used with LED Strip channel that many don’t know about, LED strip channel allows the strip to be fitted so you can see the glow of the LED light instead of the LED strip. It helps give a very stylish and modern visual effect. For any more information on LED’s channels or literally anything else, please do get in touch.

It was great to meet you all at the show and get to hear about everything you are planning to do in your homes, we look forward to working with you in the future.

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