Choosing the right light bulbs for your Chandelier

You have just purchased that fabulous chandelier that you have been mulling over for ages. The cost was high but you convinced yourself that it is a sound investment and you went for a high quality chandelier on the basis that it would be in the family for generations to come. The chandelier is grandiose and ornamented with a multitude of crystal trimmings that reflect light with all colours of the rainbow in a beautiful fashion around the hallway. You have the perfect position for the chandelier and you have carefully chosen your design scheme to complement the traditional elegance of the chandelier. The only issue is that it has 24 light bulbs which if you calculate the power consumption at 40 watts a light bulb is a massive 960 watts which is nearly a kilowatt. That is the power consumption of an electric heater which cannot be good for your electricity bills or indeed for the environment. So what do you do.?
Lets look at some of the choices.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs are definitely the perfect solution from an aesthetic perspective . halogen bulbs in chandelier. The simple clear lines and elegant flame tip of the candle bulb complement the chandelier and the clear bright light will ensure that you maximise the sparkle from the crystal. So now you have the perfect light bulb from visual point of view and the halogen bulb will save 30% in energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. But that is still a lot of power so the answer here is to fit a dimmer switch and use dimmable halogen bulbs and this way you can not only adjust the light level to the perfect setting, but also you will save energy. Just a word of warning, make sure that the wattage rating of your dimmer switch is sufficient for all your halogen bulbs.


If your focus is to save more energy saving both in electircity costs and contributing further to environmental sustainability then you will need to move to CFL technology and go for a energy saving candle bulb with a flame tip. The looks are not as good as the halogen bulb but the CFL will save you a much greater 80% in energy costs against the traditional filament light bulb.

LED Bulbs

If you are looking for the ultimate in energy conservation then you need to go for a LED bulb and if you select the LED Candle Bulbs with a flame tip. Again the bulb is not quite so elegant as the halogen as is is slightly broader and these ones have a multitude of separate LED lights which give a high technology appearance but the environmental benefits are most impressive. These bulbs only consume 3 watts in power each and will produce the light output of a traditional 25 watt light bulb so for our 24 light chandelier example that is 72 watts consumption against 600 watts which is simply amazing.

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