RGBW LED Strip Lights Vs. Traditional Lighting: Which Is Better?

RGBW LED Strip Lights 6What are RGBW LED Strip Lighting fixtures? How do they compare with traditional lighting? Do they offer any cost benefits? Well, these are the questions you will ask yourself when shopping around for LED strip lighting. Answering these questions right will give you the answers you need before purchasing your LED strip- lighting. The following guide will touch on RGBW LED Strip Lighting and traditional lighting, detaining how they compare. Keep reading.


From research, it has been proved that RGBW fixtures are less costly than traditional forms of lighting. While the initial cost might be higher, strip lights will bring you better savings in the long run.

They last long and utilize less energy. They also produce adequate light and emit less heat. With these lighting fixtures, you can save up to 90 percent on your lighting costs.


LED strips last longer than other lighting options. Incandescent bulbs last about 1000 hours. But LED lights last about 25,000 hours. As such, LED strips may last up to ten years, whereas traditional bulbs might burn out in less than six months.

It’s also worth noting that RGBW strips offer an extensive range of customizable lighting colors. You can use them to create unique lighting installations. Packed with unique design features, LED strips can quickly convert your space into a gathering zone.

With RGBW strips, you can create a pure white tone which is ideal for accent and task lighting. Plus, the strips are more flexible and reliable. They offer improved functionality than other lighting sources. If you’re fond of vibrant colors, then invest in RGBW strips.

RGBW LED Strip Lighting

RGBW LED Strip Lights 7RGBW strips produce multiple colors. Thus, if you want to create colorful light displays, settle for these strips. They’re suitable for use in multiple applications. For instance, they can be utilized for accent lighting, general lighting, or task lighting. They can also be used in signage, as well as, other creative applications.

They’re an excellent option for lighting up dark spaces. They produce more colors and offer better light distribution. They’re also outfitted with a remote control that automatically adjusts the color of your lights. Just be sure to purchase a dimmable model. Make sure it’s affordable and high-powered.

It’s also worth noting that RGBW strips have a higher color rendering index (CRI). As such, they can accurately reflect the original color of different objects. Even more, they produce an additional white shade that can be combined with other colors to produce full-spectrum lighting.

The Bottom-Line

RGBW LED Strip Lights 8Research shows that RGBW LED Strip Lighting is better than traditional lighting. First, they are eco-friendly. This means that they can help you lower your carbon footprint. Second, they are energy efficient. With these bulbs, you can save money on energy bills. Third, they are eco-friendly. They don’t contain harmful chemicals, such as mercury, which can hurt the environment. Finally, they are long-lasting and produce less glare. You have all the reasons to switch to RGBW LED Strip Lighting.

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