How Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs Can Save You Money on Your Electricity Bill

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs 7The entry of LED technology into the lighting industry has made homes and offices sustainable. Besides beauty, LED technology is cost-effective. On average, you can save up to 80 percent of energy with LED lighting fixtures. Even more, the squirrel cage bulbs offer you the best solution when it comes to saving energy. The following are the top ways squirrel cage bulbs can help you save money.


Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs are designed to last longer. They generate high-quality light but emit less heat. With proper installation and usage, a Squirrel Cage LED Bulb can last up to 4,000 hours. Compared to traditional lights, these bulbs last longer, minimizing unnecessary maintenance costs. According to research, incandescent bulbs can last between 740 to 2,000 hours. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs can last for up to 36,000 hours. Halogen bulbs come with exceptional durability, which is estimated to bet between 2,000 to 4,000 hours.

Energy Efficiency

The Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs come with superior lumen output. This explains why they convert about 70 percent of energy into light.  Only 30 percent of the energy is wasted to heat. That’s why they are considered to be energy efficient. Still more, they are safer to operate because of their lower temperature. They aren’t hot, which makes them ideal for homes with kids. With Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs, you do not have to worry about fires. Remember, traditional bulbs can become so hot and cause fire on materials like curtain fabric.

Improved Light Better, Intensity

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs emit a high level of brightness. Nowadays, wattage is not the most viable way of measuring brightness. Instead, the lumen is used to measure the brightness of bubs. Research shows that Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs come with higher lumens than their traditional counterparts.

Better Color Range

Traditional bulbs come with a limited color range. On the other hand, Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs are associated with a variety of color ranges. You don’t need filters (which can burn out and fade). Instead, they rely on an actual diode to emit light. This diode is capable of changing colors, which explains why these bulbs are used in commercial buildings.

Minimal Radiated Heat

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs emit minimal heat. About 70 percent of energy is converted to light. Heat takes the remaining 30 percent. That’s why these bubs can help you lower energy bills at home or the office.

Other Benefits.

The following are additional benefits of Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs:

  • Reliable these bulbs are durable and highly reliable, especially when used in extreme temperatures
  • Instantaneous illumination
  • They offer directional lighting

The Bottom-Line

Squirrel Cage LED Bulbs 8

The cost of electricity is on the rise. As a homeowner, it’s important to invest in lighting fixtures that save energy and money. That’s where the squirrel cage bulbs come in. Long-lasting and versatile, the squirrel cage bulbs can help you save up to 80 percent of energy. The above are the top ways squirrel cage bulbs can help you save money on energy.

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