Funfair Lighting

clip_image002[4]This is a topic that is rarely spoken about or even written about! When you think of the Funfair, you don’t think about the lights, you think about the rides, the thrills and the excitement! We have recently had someone come to us ( wanting to buy bulbs for their funfair lights. So, what bulbs did they buy? Why? What for?

The only results you get on the internet when you type in “Funfair Lights” are of websites selling old school fair lights or people on eBay selling lights that are past their heyday. When thinking about Funfair lights, the most common and memorable lights are the different coloured, separate bulbs that always decorate any ride. The lights that add charisma, a hint of craziness and thrill and brighten up any town where the fair is! I didn’t realise until looking further into these lights how closely related the 2 are. I can’t look at these lights without thinking of a Funfair!



 At Saving-Light-Bulbs we recently had someone come to us wanting to buy lights for their Funfair, this was definitely a first so we had to put it on our blog!

We were sent the above images to give us an idea of what the customer was after! Like with the usual association of fair lights, he was looking for separate bulbs to spread light but be effective at the same time. He wasn’t looking for coloured lights which made it easier to give him what he was after!

The LED Filament Golf Ball Bulbs were perfect for this job! ( ). The filament bulbs are becoming increasingly popular! And due to the offers we extend on our website, our customer was able to buy more at a cheaper price; making him a happy customer!

LED Filament Bulbs
Due to them being LED’s they are immediately already very attractive to a lot of people; they use a fraction of the electricity that normal incandescent bulbs use, as well as having longer lives. It is understandable why so many people are switching!

The filament lights are especially popular because of the wide angle of light beam they can give off. The way they are designed is that the LED’s make up the filament which distributes the light evenly. The filament bulbs are Omni-directional because of their design; they are made up of completely clear glass which means that the light they give off is at a 360 degree angle; perfect for almost every use but especially perfect for our customer’s use!

LED’s in general have no delay after turning on the lights, sometimes after you turn on a light you can get frustrated because you have to wait for a while until it properly lights up, or wait for it to gradually get brighter, but this isn’t the case here! They immediately light up as soon as you turn them on – another reason why they were so perfect for use in a Funfair but also why they are so popular with so many other uses.

clip_image010[4]The traditional look they give off is because they are see-through and show the filament; it makes them look old and adds to the authentic look of a Funfair. These bulbs are being used more and more for lighting, arguably, purely because of the fact they add character and a certain look to any space. As seen in the picture, a popular form of lighting that they are used in is really simplistic; they are simply hung – a single light, some in a row, some in a pattern – they are hung and it adds such effect.

LED filament bulbs are used in lights more often than you think, with our sister company Classical Chandeliers, most of the chandeliers there are either used with LED filament candle bulbs, or have the option to be used with them.

We love LED’s and know you will too! Go to our website to look at our full range of LED Filament bulbs, or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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