Frequently Asked Questions about LED strips


Well where do you start when talking about LED strips? There is so much you can do, so much they can do, and so much to say about LED strips! The possibilities are virtually endless!
LED strips are literally strips of LED’s (funnily enough!)! They are usually self-adhesive which makes them easy to use and put up; sometimes they don’t stay stuck for as long as they should though so we recommend clear silicone to insure they stay up for as long as possible!
In order to help you get the most out of this article, below are some commonly asked questions in relation to LED strips which we hope will clear up any query you have.

Can LED strips be cut? Yes! Absolutely – there are usually places on the LED strips which identifies where would be best to cut in order to prevent damage to the strip. This is usually every 50mm.

Can LED strips be used outside? Yes! They can be used practically anywhere. There are 3 different types of strips: –
IP20: This type is used inside the house, in places where the strip definitely won’t get wet.
IP65: This type is splash proof – Ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen.
IP68: This can be fully submerged; so can be used literally anywhere!

Can the LED tape come in different colours? Yes! The strips come in white as standard but like light bulbs, are available in warm white, natural white and cool white. But they are also available in RGB (literally meaning Red Green Blue) which as a combination can make many different colours.
Below is an example of just a few of the colours the LED strips can display with the use of a controller.


Can they be dimmable? Yes! LED strips; like all other lighting has the option to be dimmable.
As an example, below is a set of images which shows the extent of how dimmable and bright the LED strips can go.


Can you have a controller with the LED strips? Yes, a controller is available for you to remotely turn the LED strips on and off, dim them or change the colours to suit a mood.
To see our range of controllers, click here.

Can LED strips be controlled by your mobile phone? Yes. There is also an option to have an app where you can turn the lights on and change the colours from your phone.

Do all LED strips need a driver? Yes. The driver is how the LED strips operate, and depending on the length of the strip you are using the driver size will also change – the longer the strip, the larger the driver. If you have cut the LED strips into different length pieces to fit your need, you can have the same one driver for all of these strips but it would need to be wired up differently.

Why does LED tape come in different wattage per meter? The different wattage, simply put, distinguishes how much power is used and therefore the brightness of the strip. So the more the power, the brighter the LED strips.

Do you have to have the strips so you can see the separate lights? Sometimes if the LED strips are somewhere they are visible, they can be unattractive to look at and detract from the rest of the ambiance of the room.
In these cases, there are LED strip channels which are available (to see our range of LED strip channels, click here). These are mountings which the LED strips can be put in to make them look more attractive while still giving off the same amount of light. The strip channels come in both straight and corner mounting and, like the LED strips themselves, the length of the channels can be changed simply by hacksawing them to size!
They come in two depths, shallow (6mm) and deep (12mm). The 12mm is more frequently used – especially in situations like tiling; because of the thickness of the tiles, the 12mm mounting matches up to become a similar thickness to the tiles. Having the channels among the tiles produces a modern look. If you’re wanting further information and examples of where LED strips can be used have a look on our blog.

The scope of use for LED strips can literally be endless, but we hope this has answered a few of your questions. Should you have any more that haven’t been included in this article or want more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We a11137085_10155483186255538_3779148539091592301_nre open 7 days a week! Call us on 01420 520521. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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