Can LED Ceiling Light Be Dimmed?

Dimming technology 1Dimming technology allows you to control lights, eliminating huge utility bills and increasing the lifespan of your lighting fixtures. LED lights are dimmable. However, not all of them are dimmable. This article will take you through the dimming technology, dimmable LED fixtures, and the benefits of dimming these lights. Keep reading.


LED is the luminous element contained in a lamp fixture. The Light Emitting Diode emits light. If more electricity enters the LED, it becomes brighter. On the other hand, less power will result in less light.

How To Determine Dimmable LED Bulbs

Generally, all LED bulb models are dimmable. They come in dimmable versions. However, you will not always find them in dimmable versions. Thus, it’s important to look at the specifications for the word dimmable. This will give you assurance that your bulbs are dimmable.

How To Dim LED Bulbs?

To dim a LED bulb, you need a dimmer. You can use your current dimmer for dimming halogen and other traditional bulbs. The minimum power of each dimmer is between 40 and 80 Watts. Replacing all bulbs with LED lighting fixtures requires you to obtain new dimmers to avoid flashing. An edge-based LED dimmer rated at 0-150 Watts is the best when it comes to dimming your LED bulbs.

Things To Consider

Dimming technology 2LED lighting can be dimmed. However, its important to understand a few things. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind.

Always Choose Dimmable Bulbs

Most LED lamps can be dimmed. However, there are certain lamps that aren’t dimmable. Consequently, it’s wise to check out these details before making a purchase. In most cases, the technical details will tell you whether the lamp is dimmable or not.

Use LED Dimmer switches

To many people, an ordinary dimmer can be used with LED lights. In many instances, this isn’t possible. An ordinary dimmer switch come with a minimum wattage of 50 Watts. However, LED lights come with lower wattage. This means that an ordinary dimmer cannot be used to dim LED lights. You need a special dimmer that can support the wattage of LED lights. Using an ordinary dimmer to dim LED lights will lead to a buzzing noise, flickering, and even overheating.

Choosing A LED Dimmer Switch

Read the manual and choose the recommended dimmer. Stick to the wattage specifications from the manufacturer. Of course, there are cheaper dimmers out there. In most cases, these dimmers are of poor quality and don’t have a long lifespan.

Purchase electronic dimmers because they are universal. They can be used by almost all types of bulbs. Whether it’s halogen or LED bulbs, these dimmers can give you the best service. Always, focus on the power output capability of the switch when purchasing a dimmer.

The Bottom-Line

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADimmers are effective when it comes to saving energy. They give you complete control over your lighting. With dimmers, you can save money in terms of utility bills. They prolong the life of your lighting fixture.

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