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Maybrook Properties LED Refit

Maybrook Properties LED Refit

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We recently did a LED refit across 4 floors of the Maybrook Properties ( in London Wall. Maybrook Properties is a private family owned company that has a sea of knowledge in commercial investment and development. The team have a hands-on approach and strive to respond quickly and efficiently so that they make a return on their investments. We were glad to be a part of their objectives in helping them save money on their investments by changing the lights in their offices to LED’s.

reception before and after

The reception area of these offices was previously lit by fluorescent tubes, but, as you can see from the picture, many of these had already failed by the time we got there and were no longer giving much light. This isn’t uncommon for fluorescent tubes as they are often seen as unreliable and having short life spans. We replaced them with LED tubes which now give out a cleaner and brighter light. The tubes themselves are really difficult to remove in order to change; LED tubes have longer lives, meaning that the cost of maintenance bills will be reduced because they will no longer need to be replaced as regularly as before.

LED panels

Before the refit, all the offices had modular fittings with fluorescent tubes which fit into the ceiling grid, these are arguably the most common light fixture used in offices. We replaced these with LED panels which produce a much better, even and brighter light as well as being longer lasting. The LED panels are much more energy efficient, this is something that is essential in offices because the lights are often on for long periods of time and in general can cost companies a lot of money. The light that the LED’s panels emit is also a positive because the light will be better to work in due to it being a more even and brighter light.

office before and after

LED disks with a sensor

The toilets are a place where many don’t take into consideration the lighting in them, it is a room where lights are left on regularly because it is assumed they will be on all the time – like the offices, it is a room that needs to be lit up! However they don’t need to be illuminated all the time because the toilets aren’t constantly occupied. The toilets and the landing outside of them were lit with fluorescent PL lamp fittings with control gear (as shown in the first picture to the left), we replaced these with round LED disks with a sensor (picture left bottom) which would automatically turn the lights on when a presence was sensed.

Another place lights were constantly left on is the in the stairway, it is assumed they have to be on for health and safety, but more often than not people tend to use the lift than the stairs! So we installed a sensor in the stairway as well so that the lights are only turned on when someone is using the stairs. As you can see in the pictures below, the stairway was previously lit by 2D fluorescent bulkheads but we replaced these with 16W LED Emergency bulkheads with microwave sensors. Changing these two different lights meant that they were now longer lasting and much more energy efficient.

stairway before and after

The Maybrook Properties offices have been completely transformed into a more energy efficient workplace, all through the simple switch of fluorescent bulbs to LED’s. If you are also interested in saving money, energy and want to switch, please get in touch.