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Lighting Design in a Welsh Barn

Lighting Design in a Welsh Barn


We travelled further afield for this job to Wales for a lighting design opportunity. A couple wanted the lighting done in the kitchen of this beautiful Welsh cottage. We were recommended to them through a previous job and were delighted to get a change of scenery and brighten up this Welsh kitchen.

We were called into the job to work on a lighting scheme with a couple who were wanting the lighting redone in the kitchen. We worked with them to create a design they were happy with and then assisted them and their electrician with the installation. As well as assisting with the installation, we supplied the fixtures, lights and LED strip channel that was used.

The kitchen has really high ceilings with beautiful beams across creating atmosphere and giving a traditional feel to the entire room. It was important to ensure the lighting would match and compliment and accentuate the interior.

Working from the top of the room to the bottom, we installed track lights on the slanted ceilings. Track lights are good for providing directed light in a variety of different places as they can be directed to highlight different aspects of a room. In this case, as there were other aspects of lighting involved, the track lights were simply pointed downwards to help assist illuminating more of the room.

LED Strip lights were used twice in the kitchen. LED Strip lights are great at highlighting and creating atmosphere. They can be really good at emphasising certain aspects of a room. In this kitchen, we have used them on the wall plates. These are at the top of the room, near the ceiling and by having strip lights there it makes an even bigger feature of the beams and gives more light to the ceiling which in turn, reflects back down.

The other place LED Strip lights are used in the kitchen is under cabinets. This lighting is more for decorative purpose but it is also extremely effective at highlighting the cabinets and makes the room look brighter overall because of the light that reflects from the bottom of the cabinets.

Finally, there are pendants hanging above the island in the kitchen and above the table which would be the main source of light for both the island and table. Above the island there are two pendants which hang above the island creating subtle light. The pendants match the rest of the colour scheme of the interior and match the design of the kitchen with their finish and style.

All of the lights in the kitchen are controlled by Rako; it is a system which can alter how the lights are on and off. Rako gives preset options where the user can choose which lights they want on and off for a purpose or to create an ambience. They can choose which combination of lights on and off to assign to a preset and are free to change them whenever and however they wish. This is especially helpful if you have many different types of lights like has been used in this barn.