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12V and 24V LED Strip Lights

When you 12v or 24v LED strip from us, then high quality commercial grade LED Tape is something you get as standard from Saving Light Bulb. LED Strip lights or tape is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, the main one being because of its versatility. The tape itself is flexible so it can be used in a variety of different places and in areas which might be difficult to light without the option of something small and flexible like LED Strips or tapes. LED strip lighting is seen on stairs, in car interiors, bedrooms, in cabinets, under desks and under kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless!

We offer a wide range of 24v and 12v LED Strip Lights, all of which have self-adhesive. This means that as well as being easy to place, they are also easy to install because all you have to do is stick them in place. Versatility is another characteristic of our LED strip lights because it can be used for decorating both, home or a place of work.

Our massive stock of 24v and 12v LED Strip Lights contains different colours; they can be purchased in different white colour temperatures but also in RGB. The coloured strip lights tends to be more for decorative purposes but with the Controllers and Accessories we supply, you can easily change the colour of the strip to create an ambiance or match a mood. Controllers can also be used with strip that is just one colour to alter the brightness levels. Strip Channel is also available in situations where the strip is visible, as it hides the strip so all that you can just see is the glow from the lights.