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The Cruising Association

Cruising Association Lighting Re-Fit Case Study

The Company in Spotlight: Cruising Association

Cruising Association Lighting

About The Cruising Association

The Cruising Association is a unique association formed to mutually support small boat cruisers in the UK. The association collects and shares premium and highly relevant cruising information with its members—making it an ideal destination when it comes to voyaging with small boats. Cruising Association members, together with a team of dedicated individuals, share resourceful experiences, knowledge, as well as fun—just to take their cruising experiences to the next level. Information collected is shared in online platforms, rallies, pre-organized seminars, and even social events in the United Kingdom, as well as, other countries globally. The Cruising Association prides itself with over 100 years of experience. With famous sailors like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (the patron), Griff Rhys Jones, Jeanne Socrates, as well as Keith Musto, the Cruising Association looks set to make your cruising dream a reality.


Over the last few years, the lighting industry has remarkably transformed—giving rise to modern solutions that reduce energy costs and make everything aesthetically appealing. With a clear lighting vision in mind, CA engineering department requested SLB’s support in the changeover of its conventional lighting to energy efficient based LED lamps as well as fittings.

The Problem and Challenge

They wanted spaces that were aspirational and stylish. This would result in a striking working environment and make it memorable as well as welcoming to staff and guests. They wanted to embark on an ambitious LED retro-fit strategy that would help them conserve the environment and save energy costs. Thus, they contracted SLB to undertake the re-fit program.
In summary, CA wanted:
• To light the main hall with ambient/ general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. • To minimise energy costs • Long lasting, low cost, environmentally friendly, and flexible lighting solutions • Lighting that could set the right mood • Lighting control systems that could create powerful lighting scenes for different uses • To do away with nautical library lighting that often caused glare or heavy shadows. So, they wanted well-designed and judiciously positioned lighting that could make patrons feel good, comfortable, and relaxed in their surroundings • Office lighting that could improve productivity, save energy, create better moods, and control lights so as to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

The Solution

SLB installed new lighting systems—replacing all their previous standard fittings with the energy-efficient LED (Liquid Emitting Diode) equivalents. We did light re-fit in the main hall that could serve as task, functional, and ambient. To significantly reduce the energy costs, we replaced their fluorescent lights with LED Panels. Also, we decided to install low cost, environmentally friendly, and flexible lighting solutions for them. Thus, we went for LED Strips and fitted them around the periphery and the upper wall to the ceiling. To set the right mood in the bar (especially when members are partying after cruising), we designed and installed new Bar Lighting. Plus, to create powerful scenes that could serve different purposes (i.e. the hall, lecture rooms, a training room, and even evening events), we installed Rako lighting control systems. The Nautical Library needed an uplift in terms of lighting. A lighting system that could prevent eyestrain, glare, and improve concentration was needed. Thus, we decided to install new lighting that was both functional and ambient. Lastly, we incorporated new dimmable office lighting.

The Results

The new lighting solutions from SLB registered tremendous results for employees, members, and visitors. With LED strips, the electrical load was reduced by over 83 percent. Even more, the installations helped solve health and safety related issues. Additionally, the LED lights led to a significant aesthetic improvement as far as the appearance of the main hall is concerned.

The lighting before

Image above (The hall showing old fashioned fluorescent panels)

Lighting for Lectures

Image above (A lecture in proigress with the new lighting solution)

LED Strip Lighting

Image above (The LED light Strips Installed by SLB)

LED Strip Lighting

Image above (The New Bar Lighting Installed by SLB)

Other remarkable results include: • They managed to register up to 50 percent cost of energy over the past 3 months • They realised 70 percent lower CO2 emissions • They achieved a 70 percent lower installed power • Visibility in the walkways greatly improved • Eye strain in offices reduced significantly • Productivity and concentration in offices greatly improved • The number of luminaires, as well as overall power consumption rates, were significantly minimised


SLB managed to identify the energy-saving opportunities that were available to Cruising Association and the LED re-fit we did demonstrated this. The re-fit also improved lighting ambience, performance, and reduced energy costs.