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Factory Electrical Fit Out

Factory Electrical Fit-Out

This company were expanding and as a consequence moving to a new larger facility. The acquired building was to be completely renovated and we undertook the job of the electrical design and installation works for the site. The company are a manufacturer and utilise a lot of large machinery requiring high load electrical feeds predominantly 3 phase. We designed a new electrical system from the building electrical supply with a large MCCB panel board which fed a number of distribution board which were strategically positioned on the factory floor to supply the machinery. The individual machine feeds were specified to meet the load requirements and some of the individual machine feeds were as large as 120mm 5 core SWA. The various operator work stations also needed electrical services which were a combination of 3 phase outputs with isolators and a 13amp ring for smaller equipment.

Lighting in factories is essential because it can be such a big work space and there are a variety of different jobs that are likely to be performed in a factory. This was certainly the case in this factory as different areas were going to the designated for different jobs. We received a diagram which would indicate all the areas which needed the most light which is seen pictured above; this was essential because it helped us decipher where would be best to place the lights and what areas would need the most light. Typically we provisioned for 800 LUX in certain work areas where precision work was undertaken and then adjusted the other areas with appropriate light levels between 300 and 600 Lux to get the optimal lighting performance which met the budget requirements.

There was also another diagram which became invaluable which is seen to the left; it is similar to the previous diagram, except that this one is more specific with Lux levels. It is looking down on the factory from above and gives us an idea of the levels of Lux light that would be needed. Due to the fact that there were numbers and levels specified, it made planning the factory lighting that much more specific.

It wasn’t just the lighting that we did for this new factory however, we did all of the electrics; it was an empty shell when we started! We installed the distribution board (seen pictured), we did the containment, machine electrics and the lights. This was lights in the office as well as the factory; in the office we installed LED panels, emergency lights and COB down lighters.

We chose to use LED High Bay lights in the factory which were 200W and cool white in colour. Cool white is the whitest and brightest variation of white and so would be best in a factory to optimise light. The factory itself has a lot of sky lights on the ceiling which provides natural light, so during daylight the high bays might only be needed to work alongside the natural light or be used in specific areas. Based on the simulations, we then arranged to install the high bays but in the places where more light was needed, we installed the lights closer together to ensure there was the correct Lux levels. In total we installed 43 bay lights.

We loved being able to completely transform this factory from being an empty shell to being fully functional, having lights and electrics. After the install was done, we actually went back and tested the Lux levels and they were 20% higher than what the simulation said was needed!