Top 10 Tips for Lighting Design

Top 10 Tips for Lighting Design 1.1Lighting is a vital interior design element. Good lighting defines any space and influences many things—including mood. Even more, light plays a big role in the space’s ambiance. Do it right and instantly uplift your living space. So, why ignore your interiors when you can uplift them with the right lighting? These top 10 tips of lighting any interior space are tested and certified. Follow them and create a fanciful interior.

  1. Consider Ceiling Height.

Before selecting your lighting fixtures, it’s important to know your ceiling height. Naturally, some lighting fixtures are designed with adjustable cables and rods. However, others don’t have these features. Therefore, it’s a design mistake to get stuck with those lighting fixtures that hang either too low or excessively high.

Top 10 Tips for Lighting Design 1.2As a general rule: hang the bottom of your lighting fixtures about 12-20 inches below your ceiling’s standard height.

  1. Plan It Out

Before doing your initial phase building plan, know your preferences. For instance, you might prefer 3 pendants hang over the dining table as opposed to two. Take this into consideration.

  1. Turn It Up

You don’t have to only think in terms of downlights. You can think outside of the box and go for sconces—they help create a softer ambiance. Plus, they are not associated with shadows.

  1. Natural Light

Natural light matters. It’s free and can make a place look bigger and better. So, when doing your lighting, know how to let the natural sun in. Go for fabric windows. They are effective at filtering light, invoking color, and removing reflections in your interior spaces. Increase the spacing between your hallways’ recess lights and illuminate free-standing elements from strictly one direction.

  1. Know Your Glow

It isn’t all about the lighting fixture. The type of lightbulbs you choose also plays an important role in your home’s décor. Halogen, compact fluorescent, as well as LED bulbs exist are available in different shades, both warm and cool. Much like your wall colors, the kind of glow you choose is mostly dependent on your personal preference.

If your walls feature cooler tones, for instance, you may want to use a light bulb that produces a warm glow. Darker walls, on the other hand, can be complemented with a cooler glow.

  1. Light up Those Stairs

Top 10 Tips for Lighting Design 1.3 StairsIncorporating some lights into your staircase design ensures safe navigation, especially at night. Stairways are usually enclosed, so brighten them up from the sides or you could also embed lights along with the risers as an element of design.

  1. Toe-Kick Lighting



Including lights on your toe-kicks isn’t just meant for adding aesthetic value. Strip lighting below your base cabinets is an incredible way to introduce a fabulous night light look into your room.

  1. Don’t Shy Away From Color

Installing a bright-colored lighting fixture in an otherwise simple space can add more fun and interest. Colored hues can work wonders, particularly when the lights are switched on.

  1. Be Decorative

Using lights as decorative elements set the right mood for any space. Once general lighting is installed, you can comfortably use lights to decorate your home. It isn’t always necessary to use wall art. Incorporate advanced controls and table hopping into your design and enjoy the best experience.

  1. Experiment with Different Lighting Effects

Always link your lighting for an awesome effect. When your dining room’s general lighting is dimmed, for instance, you could install brighter LED globes to create some focus on this area. Don’t forget to include layered lighting, though.


Top 10 Tips for Lighting Design 1.4 ConcLighting design is quickly evolving. And you can now access countless options to give your home an instant transformation. From aesthetically pleasing designs to colorful retro designs, nothing seems hard anymore. It’s up to you to choose what suits your personal style. But it’s very important to know the things you should be looking for. With the above tips in mind, you can light your home like a pro.


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