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Hytronik SensorDim 1025-1



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The Hytronik SensorDIM 1025 allow control of constant current dimmable LEDs to be used in conjunction with sensors where the facility is needed to have the LEDs permanently dimmed to a low level and then lit to full brightness when movement is detected. This is particularly useful for corridor lighting and in certain rooms where total darkness is not desired when the lights are off.
The product is compatible with the Hytronik HC009s, HC005s, HC002s other Hytonik sensors and many other good sensors.
The SensorDIM has a maximum wattage of 30w and the current can be set to any level between 250mA and 700mA in 50mA intervals which means they can be used to replace drivers from most constant current LEDs.
This devise is compatible with a variety of good quality dimmable LEDs including the SLB COB10. With the SLB COB10 it is recommended that the current should be set to 250mA with the latest model of this product.
Wiring is straightforward by connecting mains to one side of the driver and the LED to the other and then taking the live switched wire from the sensor to the control which will bring the lights to full brightness.

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