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Energy Saving Light Bulb Technologies

The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879 and it has remained largely unchanged until recent times. This is for sure a statement of the brilliance of the invention but these days it has now been superseded by new technologies, predominately the halogen bulb, the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and the energy efficient LED bulbs. The halogen bulbs which many people will know through there use in car headlights produce a characteristic bluish white light. The CFL is a compact version of the well known fluorescent tube often coiled into a spiral shape to form a compact bulb shape. The highly energy efficient LED bulb uses Light-Emitting-Diode technology which has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent times and these energy saving bulbs come on instantly and do not suffer from reduced life span with repeated switching. The halogen bulb will save 30% in electricity, the CFL around 80% and the LED typically about 90% when compared to the traditional light bulbs. The other technologies and metal halide and sodium discharge lamps but one thing of for sure, that over the next decade the energy saving LED bulb will take over as the preferred technology.

LED Energy Savings and Free Energy Surveys

There are a number of different ways to calculate the savings that you will realise from moving to energy efficient LED bulbs. The savings accrue partly because they only use a fraction of the electricity of a conventional light bulb but also because they last much longer typically 30-50000 hours which is over 30 times the lifespan of a conventional light bulb. If you calculate the savings that would be made over the lifetime of the LED bulb you will generally save over EUR 100 for every LED bulb which is fitted to replace a conventional or halogen light bulb. If you would like to know what savings would be made in your specific case please get in touch for a free energy survey.

Financial and Tax Advantages for Businesses

Our energy efficient LED bulb products adhere to the Carbon Trust Specification and accordingly business can qualify of capital gains tax advances and may be eligible for loans. If you would like more details please get in touch.

Advise on Lighting Schemes

If you have a new build or are refurbishing an existing property then the lighting scheme will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the look of the property, the running costs and the value. If you would like advise on lighting schemes, lighting automation or just how to reduce your energy bills then please get in touch and we would be pleased to advise.

Environmental Benefits of LED Bulbs

Energy Saving LED bulbs will significantly reduce your carbon footprint because they use far less electricity which creates large amounts of CO2 in its production. LED bulbs do not have any hazardous substances like the mercury in CFLs and accordingly can be easily disposed of at the end of their life but as they last over 30 times longer than a traditional light bulb they only create a fraction of the landfill.